Education is the currency of the information age

Secondary school Students

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Afomachukwu Ofodile
Afomachukwu Ofodile aka Faffy. 21years. Law Student. International affairs enthusiast. Loves to read and travel. Hopes to one day board a train from Sokoto to Asaba.

One comment on “Education is the currency of the information age

  1. Kehinde Shote on said:

    A revamp of the educational sector requires focusing on primary school education. 70% of a person’s basic vocabulary is picked up before the age of 10. Likewise, basic numeracy is built before 16. So if you want to improve the mental ability to do computations and also make coherent sentences, the focus should be on young children. I recommend we retrain primary school teachers, improve facilities and infrastructure, provide pupils with meals and writing/reading materials and improve standardized tests.

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