About Us

Nigeria Dialogue is a hub for progressive intellectuals who intend to challenge systemic and institutional realities in Nigeria. A platform for forward thinking Nigerians to proffer inputs into sustainable economic, infrastructural and social development through meaningful dialogues and measurable actions.

We intend to engage Nigerians in meaningful dialogues

It is an avenue for young Nigerians to get involved in the engineering of a thinking framework that translates to the building of strong institutions or systems and sustains their continuous existence.


We are a group of intelligent Nigerians, with a simple idea of bringing change to Nigeria – one person at a time. We intend to engage a critical mass of Nigerians  in meaningful dialogues, in a structured manner that translates into measurable actions. This, is our roadmap to a gradual national transformation.

Our team is a mix  of analytical and creative thinking individuals. This is evident in the diverse institutions that we represent.

We are Bankers, lawyers, branding and communications expert, philosophers, scientists, social entrepreneurs, doctors, engineers etc.

We represent the ever changing face of a modern nation.

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