Mark Amaza – Why I Am A Sovereign National Conference Skeptic

The issue of a Sovereign National Conference is one subject that has featured prominently in our national political discourse since the annulment of the June 12, 1993 elections, varying only in intensity of how loud the calls for it has …

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Senile National Conflagration (SNC)

By Gbenga Shote Nigerians, like normal humans have national pastimes that keep us preoccupied. The British focus on the weather as a topic of discussion, Americans love their politics,

national assembly

Yes, We Must Talk

My reflection is drawn from Segun Adeniyi's 'Must we talk?', where he faults calls for a Sovereign National Conference. I focus on this piece because it


Where Are The True Leaders?

Escalating insecurity and public fear…sporadic policy creation…the glaring and widening gulf between the governing and governed… the appalling hurl of money at pressing national issues…the suspected lack of foresight…the

molue meditations

Molue Meditations – The Law Of Expectation

Those that follow me have probably figured out by now that I spend a lot time in Lagos traffic,


Why Every Nigerian Should Pray For An Oil Price Crash

In a 2006 article for Foreign Policy and later in his book ‘Hot, Flat and Crowded’, Thomas Friedman outlined what he called ‘The first law of petropolitics’, which is an


How The Opposition Helps Keep PDP In Power – The Adamawa Guber Elections

The month of February holds a lot in stock for Nigerian politics: four state governorship seats are up for grabs. These seats (those of Sokoto, Adamawa, Bayelsa and

yaba barracks aid

Co-Creation Hub Needs Your Help To Repair The Yaba Barracks

Last week, a heavy storm whipped through Lagos, causing vast damage to property and untold financial losses and displacing many families in the areas affected, particularly in Yaba

nigerian education

Privatize Public Schools And Distribute Their Shares To The Masses [Opinion]

By Seun Osewa

The best Way To privatize public schools in the spirit of democracy, capitalism, and reducing the cost of government
I believe

contract nigeria

How To Get A Contract In Nigeria [Parody]

Just spotted this animated video on YouTube which essentially is a parody of how government contracts work in Nigeria. The creators, EVCL Visuals, give us some insight into