How to honour MKO Abiola

One thing about being a leader – whether good or bad – is that you can change the conversation with your utterances. That is exactly what President Jonathan did with his Democracy Day speech. He seems to have mastered the …

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A Systematic Approach Towards The Reorientation Of Nigerian Values

Cussing out corrupt politicians and ranting about government ineptitude is a favourite Nigerian pastime. And like Jonathan has found out, social media amplifies this activity to


Emmanuel Iduma – The Problem With Small Miracles

So, I was one of the cyberspace moralists that put in a word for Okeoghene Ighiwoto, the now famous Nigerian patient who has been ‘saved’. How might one


Nigeria: The Yellow Fever Spat With South Africa

It was just about 27 months ago when two sitting senators and an ex-envoy to South Africa were roughed up or somewhat humiliated by the South African immigration


Where Are The True Leaders?

Escalating insecurity and public fear…sporadic policy creation…the glaring and widening gulf between the governing and governed… the appalling hurl of money at pressing national issues…the suspected lack of foresight…the

molue meditations

Molue Meditations – The Law Of Expectation

Those that follow me have probably figured out by now that I spend a lot time in Lagos traffic,


Why Every Nigerian Should Pray For An Oil Price Crash

In a 2006 article for Foreign Policy and later in his book ‘Hot, Flat and Crowded’, Thomas Friedman outlined what he called ‘The first law of petropolitics’, which is an

contract nigeria

How To Get A Contract In Nigeria [Parody]

Just spotted this animated video on YouTube which essentially is a parody of how government contracts work in Nigeria. The creators, EVCL Visuals, give us some insight into

nigerian startup

Yomi Adegboye: My Thoughts On Startups In Nigeria

I was present at the January 2012 edition of Mobile Monday Nigeria. It was an engaging time that gave those present the opportunity to take a


Technology In Governance: Cut Government Waste With The Budget Cutting App From BudgIT

The guys at the Nigerian startup called BudgIT have released an interesting web application today, and they are calling it "cutgovtwaste budget 2012 app". While the